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Who can benefit from Kinesiology?

People of all ages - whatever their level of fitness or health - can benefit, including:

  • Babies & Children
  • Elderly
  • Athletes
  • Performers
  • Injured
  • Unwell

Even healthy people will benefit from regular kinesiology treatments. Babies and people who cannot be muscle tested directly can be tested through a surrogate.
What are the benefits of Kinesiology?
Kinesiology restores the whole system to balance, facilitating the self-healing process.

It can, for example:

  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Prevent illness
  • Improve posture
  • Relieve physical pain and tension
  • Defuse stress and the causes of stress
  • Heal traumas
  • Enhance brain function and co-ordination
  • Discover individual nutritional needs
  • Identify food and environmental sensitivities
  • Find and clear underlying causes of energy blocks/imbalances/diseases

What to expect during the kinesiology treatment session?

The treatment is carried out fully clothed. During the first session the practitioner will normally take a case history and the process will be explained. You will be asked why you have come for treatment.

The practitioner will explain muscle monitoring (testing) to you and demonstrate it. The practitioner may also help you to formulate an appropriate goal for the session.

Treatment will vary according to the needs of the client. However, muscle monitoring will be used to determine the priority stressors involved and the most appropriate action to take. It may include work on any level: physical, emotional, chemical, spiritual.

You may be advised to make dietary or lifestyle changes, given exercises, or prescribed flower essences or supplements as a home reinforcement of your session.
What is the length of a kinesiology treatment session?

Typically, the first session is 1½  hours. Follow-up sessions may last upto 1 hour.
How many sessions are required?

This can vary according to the individual’s health requirements. Most people report improvement after just one session. It is advisable to budget for at least three sessions and allow for any supplemental needs. You will advised on your treatment plan and will be given a better indication of how many sessions you require, depending on your issue.

Having resolved your initial issue, you may choose to address others.

It is important to note that kinesiology is beneficial as a preventative measure, and can help you to improve your life even if there are no immediate or outstanding issues.

Will kinesiology treatment interfere with medication?

No. Kinesiology is a complementary therapy. We will generally take a medical history, including details of any medication. We do not advise changes to your medication. However, we may suggest you review your medication with your GP more regularly as your therapy progresses.
What is the cost of kinesiology treatment?

Please contact us and we will send you details in the post before your first consultation.


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